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Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Caulirice Kerabu

“Sustainable Keto way of eating (woe) is inclusive of food culture and heritage, not by deprivation.”

I originated from Pahang, east coast of Malaysia where Nasi Ulam or Kerabu is eaten all day long for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Its a keto friendly recipe as the sambal is made of butter and coconut cream; and instead of using lean meat, we suggest to use fatty beef cut like ribeye and T-bone.



Herbs (Ulam-ulaman)

  • 500grams tender beef, cut into 2 pieces, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1 tablespoon of mixed spice (Cumin, Coriander & fennel powder) turmeric powder. Marinate beef and put aside.

  • Herbs – 1 turmeric leave, 1 kaffirlime leaf, 4 daun kadok, 1 lemongrass, 2 cilipadi, 4 angle beans, 2 longboats, 5 laksa leaves (daun kesom), 2 cilipadi, 1/2 torch flower (Bunga kantan), 1/2 teaspoon salt, 5 stinky beans (Petai-optional) all thinly slice and mixed together in a bowl.

  • Caulirice 3 bowls

  • Sambal – 7 dried chili (boiled till soft), 2 small shallots, 1 garlic, 1 inch galangal, 1 inch turmeric, 3 candle nuts, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon sugar – Blend all into a paste and pour into 2 bowls

  • Coconut Sambal – 1 mackerel grill and deboned. 1 bowl of finely grated coconut.


  • Marinate Beef with spices and put in the oven for 30 minutes. Once cook, let it rest with oven door open.

  • Coconut Sambal – Heat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, add one bowl of the sambal paste, continue frying for 2-3 minutes till oil separates. Add fish flesh and combined well. then add the grated coconut and continue cooking for a further 5 minutes. add half a teaspoon of black pepper and taste and season well.

  • Butter Cream Sauce – Heat pan with 2 tablespoon of butter (I use kerrygold) then add the other bowl of sambal and continue frying till oil separates. Add half a box of coconut creme (santan pekat) add 2 kaffir lime leaf. Mixed well and adjust to taste. If its too thick add a bit of water.

  • Caulirice – add Caulirice to a wok and add 2 tablespoon of Bunga telang water for colour. Add 1 kaffir lime leaf and combined well. Once Caulirice soft, scoop to a bowl and put a side.

How To Serve :

Put caulirice to the centre of plate, on the sides add slices of roasted beef (or chicken) drizzle on top with butter cream sauce, add mixed herbs (Ulam-ulaman) and our Spicy Coconut fish sambal. I also love to add solok lada (stuffed coconut sambal child)

Eating healthy is eating smart and enjoying our food”

We really hope you give our keto Caulirice Kerabu a try. Have fun with it and remember to tag us in your instagram/FB post at #asianketo


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