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What’s for dinner

Updated: May 3, 2018

Normally we will have dinner quite early around 6pm. On days that we are doing IF (Intermitten Fasting) it will be earlier (3pm or 4pm). Normally dinner will be a combination of fat, moderate protein and low carbs. It also depends on what we ate earlier during the day.

Caulirice, cucumber and chicken in spicy coconut turmeric gravy (Masak lemak cilipadi)

Over the years we conformed to many society norms and dogmas, for example we must eat 3 times a day and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So to conform we eat even when we're not hungry. I would like to change that norms and suggest that, we should instead 'Eat only when we're hungry'.

“Eat when we're hungry”

So what type of food should we eat during dinner time?

Dinner friendly menu

We normally have Caulirice or keto buns/bread to eat with meat(chicken/beef/lamb/fish) cooked in Coconut milk, ghee or cream (masak lemak cili padi, curry, kurma,soup, stew) with sides of salad or vegetables dishes. (#asianketorecipes #asianketotips #dinnersuggestion)

There is a sense of familiarity eating this way and my children benefit from eating healthy food. BTW my children still eat bread (mostly sourdough) and rice (basmati rice) at home. However they also eat keto dishes such as (their favourite is salted caramel ketogranola, Japanese caulirice, cilipadi cream salmon and chocolate flourless lava cake).

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